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I am...

Tiffany Mann is a Texas native and has been seen in... Wait can we just chat for a second?

I'm a southern-belle from Fort Worth, Texas! I was raised in a large family with 5 sisters, 1 brother, a Mom (Toye) and a Dad & Mom (David and Tamela Mann.) Now, If you're trying to dissect which came from whom and under what roof, just know this, they're all family. 

I am Blessed. 

Growing up, my family was at church every day of the week. Sunday service, bible study, youth group, baptist training union, usher practice, and my favorite: CHOIR REHEARSAL! I would spend all week playing the songs on my cassette tapes so that I knew them before rehearsal started. I am passionate

My mother saw my dreams before I did and decided to put me in the prestigious " Texas Girls Choir". It was there that I began a formal sense of singing. I learned to read music. My world began to expand.

I am growing.


When I was in 9th grade I begged my mother to let me go to a normal high school with all of my friends and she refused. I soon learned that her "no" was the biggest "yes" of my life. She enrolled me into "Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts". I was introduced to opera, musical theater, touring choir, dance... and I was introduced to myself.

I am grateful


Then came Oklahoma City University where I studied opera. I thought I'd learn all I would need to know about this career from the professors in the comfort of a classroom....NOPE!

I am empowered. 


Moving to New York City was one of the craziest things I've ever done in my entire life!!!! I moved from the safety of my family, gave up my little car, decided to pay astronomical rent prices, all for my craft. Thank God my Dad and Mom have 20+ years in the game and are more than willing to help me understand this business.  I was going to list my resume here, but that's another page I am driven.

I will say that this city has been good to me. Audition after audition, no after no, waiting tables, passing out flyers in Times Square in 10 degree weather... It's all been worth it. NYC has drop-kicked me in the throat and made me question my sanity. But I am stronger for it.

I am here. I am blessed. I am resilient   





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45 West 29th Street, Suite 403

New York, NY 10001


Phone: (212)-868-3200

Fax: (212)-868-3210

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